Language detection

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@Hubzilla Development
Came across this while looking for a language filter solution
PS. I love you Germany, but I haven't got a clue what you are going on about, and if I prattle on in French you might think the same :-)
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!Hubzilla Support Forum

Imagine that I don't want to see diaspora posts any more, so I deactivate the addons.
Old posts remain though, how do I delete them all? one by one?
@Mike Macgirvin
If a post is saved in the folder, does that post get deleted too?
If a post is saved in the folder, does that post get deleted too?

@Mike Macgirvin
Thanks Mike.
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Installed LineageOS on my smartphone. Google is getting a bum-rush in this house.

and my tablette too...
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Oh the joy of wildcard ssl certificates with letsencrypt certbot!
new home server is running this morning, still messing with it though

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So finally got round to putting my ugly mug in my profile along with my name...
still like galette saucisse though, with mustard, mmm

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I'm probably the last to learn of it, but I thought I'd post it here:
Share YouTube videos without giving them views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Keep your data private from the G.

There's a Firefox extension too:
Missing cancel button on edit post

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!Hubzilla Development

When editing a post, there is no cancel button, just submit.
For dizzy people like myself it would be useful...

EDIT: added to git as issue #1153

You want a "Clear" button to clear/delete any content from the edit field. I do not see much need for this myself, since clicking anywhere else will make it go away anyway. If you are on a computer and not your phone with limit screen space, you can empty the edit field by clicking in it to give it focus and hit CTRL+A+Delete - this is standard behaviour in most programs in use today. It is also fairly easy to select all the text and delete it on a phone or tablet in a similar manner, these devices will show you pop-up menus.
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@Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)

It seems that I've stumbled upon a wasps nest of shools of thought here. I'm not a UI/UX expert!
When I raised the question, it's because confining a user to either submit, or crash out awkwardly, or do ctrl+a+del and then crash out, instead of just clicking 'cancel', is rather unpolished.
No wasp nest, just a difference of opinion - you see a benefit, I see a button I do not need. :-)
Self hosting update

testing self hosting on an old P4 computer with 2gb ram is very positive,
so now I'm moving to the next phase:
I've ordered a Gigabyte BACE-3150, 8Gb ram and a 120Gb SSD
  dernière modification : Tue, 01 May 2018 21:44:31 +0200  
and it's up -
and it's mine, all mine nyahahaha
Congratulations! Btw, the link points back to every viewers home server 😃
damn, this thing is a bit too smart. Thanks for the info
 Bretagne, France dernière modification : Tue, 01 May 2018 14:24:17 +0200  
Hmm, got hold of an old Dell Precision 380, and putting life into it with bits I have lying around the garage
replaced the power supply and hard disk, changed the creeching video card for a simple fanless one
have ordered some RAM, and I think I have a home server for Hubzilla etc.
I have 8.5mbps download, and 0.88mbps upload, so it won't be very fast though
Detect connection to the federation

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!Hubzilla Support Forum

I have these icons in my navbar, but I'm wondering about the public stream icon - how do I detect whether it should be displayed or not?

@Galette Saucisse Thanks, it works:
But i'll fork and change your theme a bit, if you do not mind?
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no problem, have fun! and share...
Hubzilla Raspberry Pi

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!Hubzilla Support Forum


Are there any ressources out there concerning running Hubzilla on a Raspberry Pi ?

Aktuell bei dee Installation auf dem Raspi sollest Du vor dee Registrierung des ersten Benutzers den DNS-Check der Mailadresse ausschalten

% util/config system.do_not_check_dns 1 

Ich werde das in der Anleitung ergänzen, wenn es nicht schon jemand gemacht hat.

Bei der Einrichtung des Hubs laden die Seiten seeeehr langsam, ich glaube, weil kryptografische Schlüssel generiert werden. Mit einem Benutzer ist die Geschwindigkeit im Alltag ganz ok,, finde ich. Mehr habe ich nicht ausprobiert.

Siehe auch
Ah, sorry, atm you schould

% util/config system.do_not_check_dns 1

before egestering the very first user on a Raspi hub.

Firrst pages load very slow, I think because cryptographic keys are generated. Overall performance for a single user is OK. No experiencea rwith more users.
Hardware ressources required

 Bretagne, France dernière modification : Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:22:22 +0200  
!Hubzilla Support Forum

So I have my little hub and a few users, and I've left it open to new users, (doing my thing for this project!) but I don't have any vision of how many users this server can reasonably take. It's running on an 8Gb RAM, 40Gb SSD, 2 core Intel VPS.

Are there any indications concerning hardware ressources / number of users?
Even on 40GB you may be able to do unlimited storage, I've done this with WordPress installs on small vPS servers. Use FUSE with a cloud storage provider like Amazon. yas3fs is the fuse file system I've used. I believe it has client side encryption (Amazon would not have the keys at all). If not that can be added with another fuse layer.
I've been pondering an s3 file driver for just this reason (not related to amazon at all, since s3 is the lingua franca of modern network storage hardware). I still need to clean up the file storage code - it's a bloody mess, but maybe s3 integration can be achieved at the system level like you say and it would be redundant to provide it as a server addon. Then the only compelling driver for that kind of feature is if you want to allow your members to configure their own personal storage backends.
I haven't yet tried it with Hubzilla.  I did run into a problem with one other software package where I used this setup, but it's been a while since I played with it.
 Bretagne, France dernière modification : Tue, 24 Apr 2018 14:04:36 +0200  
!Retro Computing

I found a pic of my first computer (1973) a Burroughs TC1500

Looks more like a typewriter at a first glance... :-)

But this is how the early computer were built: without monitors and such...
When I knew in 1984 that we will get a computer (Amstrad CPC464) I used a typewriter to exercise typing. I think it helped me a lot to get familiar with the computer, because I could concentrate on what I type and not to find the keys on the keyboard. :-)
@Ingo Juergensmann

That's dedication!
to be precise, the pic isn't mine, but it's the only one I found of this machine
I think it does no harm when kids today would start their computer experience on some old computers instead of 8-core PCs or smartphones (that easily outperform supercomputers from earlier years).

If you start with todays computers you'll do many things different like trusting your compiler suite to optimize your code instead of thinking about optimizing your code itself.
When you start with 3D computer graphics today on multi-CPU, multi-GB of RAM machines, you will waste lots of polygons, because it doesn't matter if your PC needs 0.1 secs longer to render your Utah teapot. But when you'll have lots of objects in your szene this can sum up to multiple hours of rendertime and GBs of memory you'll need. But when you learn your business on a small SGI Indy, you'll automatically start optimising your objects to a low polygon count to reduce your rendertimes and still have a good looking image.


The Utah teapot, or the Newell teapot, is a 3D test model that has become a standard reference object and an in-joke[citation needed] within the computer graphics community. It is a mathematical model of an ordinary teapot that appears solid, cylindrical, and partially convex. A teapot primitive is considered the equivalent of a "Hello, World" prog...
Cyanbasic Theme for Hubzilla

 Bretagne, France dernière modification : Mon, 23 Apr 2018 21:17:30 +0200  
!Hubzilla Support Forum

New theme, cyanbasic

get it here if you have command line access:

util/add_theme_repo cyanbasic

otherwise here:
 Bretagne, France dernière modification : Mon, 23 Apr 2018 18:28:40 +0200  
I may look into it more tomorrow.
Apple futures

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 Bretagne, France 
Facebook starts its facial recognition push to Europeans


Facebook users in Europe are reporting that the company has started giving them the option to turn on its controversial facial recognition technology. Jimmy Nsubuga, a journalist at Metro, is among…